Terms & Conditions

Site’ & ‘Website’ refers to WooCard.co.uk
We/Us/Our’ refers to WooCard®
Card’ means WooCard®
Cardholder’ means WooCard® Card,Fob,Pass holder
Discount Partner’ refers to businesses providing ‘Offers
Offers’ means
Offers/Discounts/Perks by a Discount Partner.
Pass’ means WooCard® Pass (iPhone ONLY)

    The Card, Fob & Pass & It’s usages. 
    1. The WooCard® (or Key Fob/Pass) is valid for 1 year from the date of issue. 
    2. The card, fob or pass is issued by and will remain the property of WooCard®
    3. The card, fob or pass can only be used to gain a discount/offer or perk if it is valid & in date.
    4. Our offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or deals unless otherwise stated by our partners.
    5. If for any reason you change your mind after purchasing a card/fob (and has already been dispatched) we will ask you to return it to us via (tracked) post. When it is received will issue a refund minus a £5 admin cost (per card/fob).
    6. If for any reason you change your mind after purchasing a WooCard® Pass we will disable the pass and issue a 50% refund ONLY.
    7. One offer per cardholder (per visit) when you present the card at a participating discount partner. (Unless otherwise stated)
    8. Group visits/parties where not every person is a cardholder, it is at the manager’s discretion if they will apply the offer to everyone or just the cardholder(s) only. This should be confirmed at the point of booking/arrival at the business.
    9. We are not responsible for replacing any damaged/lost or stolen cards or Key Fobs.
    10. The website & WooCard® branding is the property of WooCard® This must not be duplicated or copied under any circumstances. 
    11. At WooCard® we do our best to keep the offers on the website & social media as up to date and current as possible, however we cannot guarantee the availability of an offer/discount as it is at the discretion of the partner.
    12. We always strive to keep the website as secure and up to date as possible. See our privacy policy for more details.
    13. The number of Discount Partners is likely to change over time. We are not liable for this. Please check our website (or contact the venue direct) before visiting to confirm the offer is still available.
    14. Please DO NOT buy a card, fob or pass for just one discount/discount partner, as any offer/partner can be withdrawn at anytime. We are not liable for this. Refunds cannot & will not be issued because a partner has withdrawn/changed an offer.
    15. By purchasing a Card, Fob or Pass you agree to abide to these terms & conditions. 
    16. Complaints/disputes with a discount partner should be dealt with directly between the cardholder and business.
    17. We reserve the right to amend these terms & conditions at any time & without notice. 
    18. All of our partners reserve the right to refuse the sale of a product or a service. All offers are subject to availability, and could change at any time.
    19. We will not be held responsible for the promotion of ‘over consumption’ of alcoholic beverages.
    20. Offers advertised on our site are only available to members who present a valid WooCard® fob or pass. Such offers are not available in conjunction with any other offers that participating business may be running. All offers are subject to availability and all of our partners reserve the right to refuse the sale of a product/service.
    21. Prices include VAT.
    22. The expiry date of each card, fob or pass will vary and will always be checked at each business. Expired cards, fobs or passes will not be accepted by participating businesses.
    23. These terms & conditions, shall be interpreted in accordance with English law.
    24. WooCard® reserves the right to amend or update these terms & conditions at any time, without notice.